Let me introduce you “McAdam shoes”

McAdam_Detailed Axo with Materials


McAdam shoes installation


The installation is a “core cutting” of modern man’s footstep commenting the dominant imaginary of mobility in Modernity: anyone can go anywhere through asphalt roads; or anyone can live with the imaginary of going anywhere through asphalt roads.


Like engineers, historians and artists, who extract core samplings of selected (or random) parts of the commonplace and use them as raw material to construct new forms of understanding reality, the artist proposes the isolation of the snapshot when somebody (anybody) steps into the asphalt paving. She uses a common symbol of freedom inverted marking the dysfunction of the present outside the context of the future and the past – the linearity of time – while forming a unit of time (dt) with the characteristics of non-places.

The transformation of this moment to a personal accessory apart from referring to the shift of ascendant technologies, during Modernity, from communal infrastructure to individual equipment underlines on one hand the ritualistic roots of human mobility and on the other the simplicity with which cultural practices “situate within the synchronic order of nature and extricate itself from it” (J.Baudrillard, 1996). As a fragment of technical infrastructure and contemporary document out of context the object is a landscape concept and the same time as a designed object to support body movement it is an extension of a human condition. Finally, a pair of McAdam shoes could be experienced as a mobile trace, a sarcastic tool to perform a landscape.




McAdam shoes wouldn’t have been realised without the precious help of

E. Katsarou, K. Kalogirou and I. Zavridou, from Aegean Motorway

Pavlos Nikolakopoulos and his inviting workshop place

Tilemachos Antonopoulos

Nikos Antonopoulos & Maria Doufexi


Mc Adam shoes wouldn’t have been presented without the precious help of

Jen Southern, from CeMoRe of Lancaster University

Mobile Utopia Travel Grant Committee

McAdam shoes walk me to Lancaster

Proud to be part of the exhibition accompagning the Mobile Utopia Conference organised by CeMoRe, T2M and “cosmobilities network” in Lancaster University, 2-5 November 2017

with McAdam shoes

DNajGWrXcAEM_17.jpg large

McAdam shoes imaginative journey to Mobile Utopia Conference & Art Exhibition in Lancaster, 2-5 November 2017


McAdam shoes actual journey to Mobile Utopia Conference & Art Exhibition in Lancaster, 2-5 November 2017

lon - lanc - lon

and McAdam shoes first destination